OUR MARAWI: Silenced

The stark beauty that greeted me. A photo i could have taken but my CP was already discharged. So I asked my young Meranaw friend, Najib Alyhar B. Zacaria, to take the picture for me from where I stood.)

St. Mary’s Cathedral
Is eerily quiet.

Sadly silent, somber, still
As the stone statues on the wall.

Pools of water on the floor reflecting
Bullet riddled roof and all.

No bells ring to call the faithful.
None comes to lift his hands to God.

No Holy Eucharist raised in consecration.
None given in Holy Communion.

No infant sprinkled with Holy Water.
None confirms dedication to the Lord.

No wedding vows exchanged to join
Man and woman in Holy Matrimony.

No kneeling believers, no clasped hands
On rows and rows of emptied pews.

No priest to ask those present
To give each one the sign of peace.

I stood quiet at the entrance.
Struck by the stark beauty before my eyes.

Sadly silent, somber and still
As the stone statues on the wall.

(Crying for Marawi is the pseudonym of an alumnus of the Mindanao State University in Marawi City, a former professor at its College of Engineering who has been writing for years as a personal hobby and will soon publish his first book of poetry and reflections).

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