TURNING POINT: Hooked in the Mouth

NAAWAN, Misamis Oriental (MindaNews / 29 Sept) — Television is a global communication medium, where what you say, how, when and where you say it is heard and is witnessed by a multitude worldwide. Not only that, the event can be recorded and may be repeatedly shown to many more anytime and may be used for one reason or another.

In Malacanang last Thursday, 27 September2018, in addressing new career executive service officers, President Duterte made a shocking statement against himself that reverberated here and there, to wit:

“Ako I will talk to a political exercise now. What are your sins? Ako? Sabi ko nga sa military, ano kasalanan ko? Nagnakaw ba ako diyan ni piso? Did I prosecute somebody na pinakulong ko?  Ang kasalanan ko lang, yung mga extrajudicial killing,” [emphasis provided]

Loud and clear and not mincing words, President Duterte admitted his sin in   extrajudicial killing (EJK) an issue against him  in relation to his war on drugs.

Atty.Sal Panelo, his legal adviser was quick in the defense saying what the President says his sin is the issue of critics about him on EJK. Well, if that is so, if he admitted what is alleged, then he is guilty of the crime alleged, as he stated, EJK.

On the other hand, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said the President was just being “playful” and was not even serious when he delivered the remark.His minions in social media picked this up and are quick in saying that such admission is another Duterte joke, another hyperbole. But no sane and right thinking man may consider the admission as a joke considering the manner and the context it was said.  And nothing in the statement was exaggerated to amount to a hyperbole.  If you read between the lines he denied corruption, plunder (he had not stolen anything) and injustice (he had not sent anyone to jail) as among his sins but categorically admitted EJK.

Na hulicam ang Pangulong Duterte, so what he said, the way he said it (his demeanor) and the context in saying it, is not simply for his lap dogs alone  but for all right thinking people to review and evaluate.

DU30 has been hounded by the issue of the summary execution of perceived enemies of the state since he was mayor of Davao City up to his war on drugs upon assumption as President of the Republic. He muddled the issue and remained invulnerable by repeatedly denying  and admitting it at times  in hyperbolic manner, say, that  he himself has killed not just one but 100 or 1000 and that he will kill again as many as 100,000.

This time around, he’s in holeshit. There’s a Cebuano expression that says  ”Natagaan sa baba sa iyang kaugalingong bingwit”  (hooked in the mouth by his own line), referring to a person who finds himself  in serious trouble by his own doing,  by his arrogance or  boastful act, perhaps.  DU30 is hooked in the mouth by his own line. The more he wiggles to free himself, the deeper the hook sinks into his flesh. This is too much for a diversionary tactic from the killer inflation that is raging throughout the archipelago.

President DU30, who is always ahead of the flock, pre-empted the floated Red October Plot against his government by staging a coup himself in September.
(MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. William R. Adan, Ph.D., is retired professor and former chancellor of Mindanao State University at Naawan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines)