TURNING POINT: The Filipino of the Year 2018

NAAWAN, Misamis Occidental (MindaNews / 29 Dec) — If it goes to the votes, I would cast mine like last year, to His Excellency Rodrigo Roa Duterte as the 2018 Filipino of the year. There is no contest: President DU30 is the most popular, the most adored and also the most hated President in the history of the Republic. This niche is secured by the controversies that make him float like magic.

The President owns the foulest of mouths. This may appear as weakness in character, but this weakness is also his strength. He spews controversies every time he opens his mouth. And the stink that wafts from it makes his followers salivate in glorious adoration.

No national leader or world renown figure, past and present,   has blasphemed the God of creation similar to what the President of the Republic of the Philippines has done.

Duterte has called the God of the people he leads stupid and yet he has stood tall and remained popular and adored by millions.

Not Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse Dong or Pol Pot who had no qualms in decimating a great portion of their population had done what he did.

His silly and nauseating jokes, his contradicting pronouncements, his promotion of killing as a policy of governance, his hatred and persecution of the local communists while displaying at the same time his love and happy surrender of the country to communist China makes him the most controversial and popular man in Asia.

Indeed, his popularity spikes every time he opens his foul mouth

But the irrepressible Digong is great because he walks his talk.

He believes that it’s better to be friendly with China than to commit suicide in resisting its greed over the country’s sovereign territory, so he welcomes the imperial Chinese with open arms not just in the islands in West Philippine Seas but throughout the archipelago, gladly offering them the natural bounties of the land for their exploitation. Thus, the Chinese were already all over the country even before the 29 friendly agreements were drafted, lording over and flooding the country with illegal drugs and fake goods, and grabbing from the local available legit jobs.

In tandem with his build, build, build program to improve the quality of Filipino life is his kill, kill, kill policy of governance. He wants every perceived enemy of the state killed without distinction – terrorists, drug lords, drug pushers, drug addicts and vociferous critics of his rule. So far the major casualty is in the rank of drug pushers and drug addicts, in such figure that already alarms the international community. But no drug lord of standing, Filipino or Chinese, has so far fallen.

The church faithful are encouraged to kill their bishops though no vigilante so far has responded to the call. Only a mentally deranged faithful would kill a bishop. (It must be noted that earlier three parish priests met their end surreptitiously.) But considering a population where the minds of a good number have already been addled by Chinese drugs, the killing of religious authorities is not a remote event.

Regardless, DU30 is awesome, eclipsing Hitler for his audacity to encourage in public the killing of perceived civilian enemies.

A master tactician of no equal among political contemporaries, the warlord-president will no doubt finish his term assured and protected by an ever grateful security forces of the State whose pays he raised to high heavens, a wily act in such magnitude no Commander-in-Chief before him has done, not even his idol,   the strongman Marcos.

The Filipino of the Year 2018, the patron saint of the Armed Forces of the Philppines and the Philippine National Police, Santo Rodrigo Duterte. (MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. William R. Adan, Ph.D., is a retired professor and former chancellor of Mindanao State University at Naawan, Misamis Oriental)