How to cook your mother (A family recipe)

Tita Lacambra-Ayala, also known as TALA (Tita Agcaoili Lacambra-Ayala). Poet. Visual artist. Literary icon. The Davao Writers Guild posted on its FB page this photograph taken by Crest Contrata of UP Mindanao during the launch of Davao Harvest 3 at Casa Leticia Hotel on November 18, 2018

A slice of life
Lots of breath
Splash with wonder
And rum

Mix in bowl of bone and flesh
Grind with chores
Til smooth
Don’t forget vanilla
So men will wanna
Eat ya
With words that bend bars
That stretch joints

Then dare to speak
Marinate in poetry
For 88 years
Or til brittle like
Parchment, paintings
And untold stories

Shake til still
A pinch of death
Sprinkle with grandchildren
And flowers
Tears to taste

Lay to rest
In oven’s throat
Hope for the best

Remove the I
Return to sky
But sift a cup of ash
Til fine and light
Enough to fill
The night

Serve to friends
And family

Join us in honoring Marciana Tita Lacambra-Ayala (Jan. 2, 1931- Jan 9, 2019)
Poet, Painter, Creator of Many Things
At Ponce Suites, Davao City, from 3 pm on Jan. 14 until Friday 18th when we lay her down
At Davao Memorial Park sometime exactly during that day.

[Tita’s eldest son Joey Ayala posted this on his FB page on 13 January 2019. MindaNews was granted permission to publish this. On January 10, the morning after his mother’s death, Joey announced they were still making arrangements on how to honor their mom who had inspired so much creativity in Davao and elsewhere in the world and “baka hindi rin gaanong conventional ang mangyari” (it will likely be unconventional).  “We will let you know where and when you can visit and say a formal Farewell in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, here’s to Artful Living, an Art-filled Life, and a Life of Artistic Creation. Padayon!” he wrote. On January 11, Tita’s remains were cremated at the Davao Memorial Park in private rites]