LATE BLOOMS: Let The Sunshine Find Me

Bludgeoned and disillusioned
with frustration from many things gone wrong,
cherished dreams ruthlessly overturned
by nightmares that on waking refuse to be gone,
falsehood masquerading and celebrated as truth
while truth is denigrated as untruth.

Hurting bitterly deep inside,
overwhelmed by sadness hard to describe,
gone voiceless because I was so afraid
from the maddening crowd I retreated
in silence and solitude to find relief I tried
in that dark chilly corner where I managed to hide.

Trying to close my eyes tightly
so the frightening darkness I won’t see,
in vain shut my ears to the cacophony,
my aching heart whispers stubbornly
the sunshine shall soon enough find me
and the scary ghouls and ogres be driven away.

Eric S.B. Libre
18 June 2020