QUARANTINE DIARIES: How COVID – 19 destroyed my family tradition

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (MindaNews / 21 July) — Traditionally, the Gallardo, Borja and Paredes family clan would gather to condole with our relatives every time one of us would die. This is the time to rejoice the life of our departed relative and bid them goodbye.

This is also the time we renew our family ties and friendship. The time to talk, joke or retell the popular stories of our family. “How many children do you or our nephew have|; did she or he pass the board exams” — mundane topics of a middle class family.

The young would gather to listen to these narratives so they can tell them to the coming generations. The story of our family in a nutshell.

The nights would be long but we are always powered by delicious humba, biscuits, hot coffee and sometimes some wine.

All these are gone now, a casualty of the dreaded COVID-19. Not only does it threaten our lives, COVID-19 has destroyed the fabric of Filipino family lives. Brothers and sisters are separated while parents suddenly find themselves trapped in their homes, unable to loiter in the outside world. We have suddenly become non-societal human beings.

It’s very sad that we have grown to fear death. We hide in the small corners of our homes and wait for the vaccine that would save us all. (MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. Froilan Gallardo is a senior reporter of MindaNews)