LATE BLOOMS: Just like in the movies


In the news was something
hitting me as oh so amazing,
something I thought only happening
in some movies I’d been watching.

Shot three times, a man somehow survives –
brought to the hospital by responding police.
And when there is no more police presence,
a killer comes in to take care of unfinished business.

Seems like a scenario in the movies?
Yes, it does seem like that of course.
Yet, like it or not, there it is in the news!
Which definitely is not fake news.

And, what’s more, I see and hear
all around many a character
walking and talking with a swagger
like some badass street-smart mobster.

Then there are the not-too-well-disguised clowns
making all sorts of nonsensical ridiculous sounds,
the idiocy covered up by high-sounding words and serious-looking frowns.
They also double sometimes as vicious bloodhounds.

With all of these absurdities around me,
I am beginning to doubt the reality of our reality:
Are we actually really living in a real reality,
or just unfortunate characters in some badly-made movie?

Oh, shucks, when will this movie end, please?

(Eric SB Libre is an independent consultant based in Digos City, Davao del Sur)