RIWAYA: Right to Privacy, Modesty Is Beautiful for Both Sexes

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 28 Aug) — Facebook asks me on my blank wall: “What’s on my mind?” Looking at a photo of the Islamic Online University of a red rose cupped in two hands with the message “Modesty is equally beautiful in men as it is in women. After all, the most modest of this Ummah was a man,” I wrote: There is beauty in privacy and modesty for both men and women.

To all who modestly wear hijab and niqab as well as those who do not and those who display their private parts partially or almost nude, I respect your choice and I respect what you want to put on your wall. May Allah bless us all and may the Lord rectify our affairs for us. Ameen.

Verily, privacy and modesty are not only about mode of dressing but also in conduct. Naseeha is religion. Like how you value and safeguard your privacy and how you are modest in speech, thoughts, deeds, and in your posts.

Whether or not a person is hiding hypocrisy, paranoia, falsehood and other lies in the guise of privacy and modesty is not for mortals like us to judge but for Allahu Ta’Alaa wal Hakim only.  “All actions are but judged by intention.” (40 Hadith)

I will not judge you (like psychologists do) to be unhappy or happy whatever you want or do not want to share on your wall. That’s your privacy… that’s your right…I must respect it as much as I want my own inalienable rights to be respected. Perhaps, if I care about your well-being, I may be inclined to gently counsel you for indeed “Naseeha is religion.”

However, personally, I am thankful to those FB entities who have the courage lillaahi to post  inspirational testimonies about their life, scientific, practical and spiritual discoveries most especially life-changing experiences such as COVID-19, AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, autistic children, at their own volition as in voluntarily, spontaneously.

So thankful for them for sharing their journey in finding wisdom in life..

Sometimes, surprisingly this way we also learn about other people’s kindnesses through other persons sharing it to others. Unpaid.  Something like singing of praises to extol how significantly they have touched our lives and yours  to the magnitude oblivious to them, even incredibly unknown to their own parents and family members. No pretenses unlike paid political ads of “some” corrupt trapo and millennial politicians as they are wont to do.

There are moments, great or simple, when I feel like shouting to the whole wide  world (made possible by worldwide web platforms) how thankful and truly blessed I am because of the kindness of these people. These are for me acts of  kindnesses worthy  to be publicized while these rare breed are still alive to read and listen to it.  if there’s a pathogen called kindness, it’s the kind of virus that needs to reach pandemic proportions, so to speak!

Nonetheless, a word of caution please indulge me, if the person you are positively sharing about online  sends you a private message not to share their kindness in public…then you must obey and delete your post ASAP. That is respect, too! It is when “your right to post” on your wall ends. The limitation of your right is activated when another person’s right begins!

Let’s live and let live! In shaa Allah!

(MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. Warina Sushil A. Jukuy describes herself as a” Muslim Tausug of Lupah Sug in diaspora, displaced twice from Sulu to Davao City in 1974 and again since 2009. She thrives as a Peace Warrior using mortar and pestle, pen and ink, colors and voice, and keyboard.”)