TAUSUG IN DOHA: The amazing fortitude of a bird 

DOHA, Qatar (MindaNews / 05 March) — How bizarre it that I always see a beautiful bird flying intermittently whenever I look outside my window. This bird that pleases my heart loves to rest on the lower corner of my room’s window which is situated on the 4th floor of the building. 

Because the outside temperature is sweltering hot during the day, I feel bad for her. I wish I could help her. However, the place where she is usually seated is in the inaccessible part of my window.

Nevertheless, I tried my best to at least quench her thirst by placing a small container of water for her to drink. Likewise, whenever she is roosting in her favorite corner, I am extra careful of my movements inside my room so as not to disturb her while having a tranquil rest. 

One fine day, I was mesmerized to see her singly peck at the soil dried petioles. She patiently carried it to the corner of my window where she used to rest. Amazingly, I realized that she would use it to build her nest to lay and hatch her eggs as well as watch her nestlings fledge. . 

Oh, how sad that one day, the unfinished nest that she had with great difficulty painstakingly built was suddenly ruined by gusty winds. I feel bad for her because I witnessed how much work she diligently put in just to build the nest. 

I could feel how painful it must have been for her that all that she had set up had just vanished like bubbles popping out into thin air. But one thing for sure, her faith in Allāh never vanished but even kept her stronger amidst the excruciating trials she experienced. 

Instead of being desperate and frustrated with what had happened to the nest, she was determined to start all over again. 

Out of her unconditional love and mercy for her upcoming new offspring, she courageously and tirelessly built a new nest by repeating the entire process she went through not minding its difficulty.

Alhamdu Lillāh, at last, she managed to build her new comfortable nest. All her great struggles and sacrifices had borne fruit.

Subhāna Allāh, this lovely bird is a similitude to the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) all around the world who fly too far away across the distance. They endure the misery and all the challenging times; always willing to struggle and sacrifice miles away for the sake of giving a decent future to their family and loved ones at home.

Truly, in life, no matter the circumstances that we may go through, let’s just push through it. “Man Jadda Wa Jada” which means whoever strives shall succeed. A writer once said, “Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up. Your day will come.” 

Indeed, if this bird that has no intellect still dares to be steadfast to face the challenges of life or to pursue her dreams against all odds, how much more we who are human beings bestowed by The Almighty Allāh with the intellectual capacity that can be used as an instrument to overcome every trial that hits us?

(Mindanawon Abroad is MindaNews’ effort to link up with Mindanawons overseas who would like to share their experiences in their adopted countries. Gamson Jr Mawallil Quijano of Sulu is a registered Radiologic Technologist who works in Doha, Qatar).