15 clan feuds settled in Lanao; rido tops cause of evacuation more than war

Most of the settled conflicts were caused by land disputes, murder, adultery, reckless imprudence resulting to death or injury, political disagreements and grave threat.

Clan feuds or rido basically arise when an incident tramples upon the maratabat (pride) of the aggrieved party, giving reasons to demand for justice "using their own hands."

In most studies done here, rido tops the causes of violence and the subsequent diaspora of Maranao families to other regions of the country in quest for peace of mind. Wars caused by insurgency is only secondary.

"The Sultanate is committed to attain peace and development within the atmosphere of mutual understanding by making our Council of Elders pro-actively take measures to revive our taritib and igma as well as strengthen our genealogy as our tools in resolving clan feuds (rido) and other conflicts," explained Hamidullah Atar, executive director of Reconciliatory Initiatives for Development Opportunities Inc. (RIDO).

“We asked conflicting parties to swear to the Koran that from then on they'd live on as Muslim brothers and sisters in good relationship, " Atar said.

RIDO is working closely with the descendants of Sultan sa Marawi spread out in eight municipalities of Lanao province..(Violeta M. Gloria/MindaNews)