PICTURES: Shooting from Home: ‘Shapes & Patterns’

On their third monthly (June 2020) quarantine photo contest, the hobbyists of The Umbrella: Iligan’s Joint Photographers’ Society tackled yet another subject that can be easily shot from home: “Shapes & Patterns.”

Shooting seemingly mundane objects found inside the house, they wracked their brains to bring out creativity in shooting these ordinary items in black and white.

As before, no photo editing was allowed with Photoshop or other software, so the images are straight out of the camera, only resized for Web use.

MindaNews donated a coffeetable book – “Mindanao Into the 21st Century: A Photographic Journey” – as part of the top prize.

The themes in their previous quarantine photo contests were “birds” for April and “food / lutong bahay” for May.

1st, Edwin Orbe, Score: 93
2nd, Bobby Timonera, Score: 91
3rd, OJ Tagaro, Score:90.67
4th, Dan Patrick Garcia, Score: 87
Tied at 5th & 6th, OJ Tagaro, Score: 86.67
Tied at 5th & 6th, James Umaran, Score: 86.67
Tied at 7th & 8th, Icon Chua, Score: 86
Tied at 7th & 8th, Dan Patrick Garcia, Score: 86
Tied at 9th & 10th, Icon Jen Chua, Score: 85.67
Tied at 9th & 10th, Edwin Orbe, Score: 85.67