Honey Bee Farming in Iligan City

The Congregation of the Holy Spirit (also referred to as the Spiritans), which is helping a poor community in Pindugangan, Tipanoy, Iligan City with various agricultural endeavors and other sources of livelihood, is currently experimenting with honey bee farming. They sought the help of Cebu honey bee expert Roberto Flores, who has been in the business for 11 years, to bring the technology to Iligan. Still in its infancy stage, the apiary in the compound of the Spiritans’ formation house is just a little over a year old, but the first harvest recently has shown promise. Initially, the Spiritans tapped Iligan businessmen to help shoulder experimentation costs, with the hope that once the technology has been transferred locally, the poor farmers in the community can farm honey bees on their own. Photos: Bobby Timonera