68 viewsA good morning for a fisherman in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato means a quick tilapia catch that he can bring home for breakfast. MindaNews photo by JULES L. BENITEZ
110 viewsA carpenter works on a piece of wood at a furniture shop in Del Carmen in Siargao Island on Friday, October 23, 2020. With or without COVID-19 he always wears a mask to protect himself against dust and particles. MindaNews photo by ROEL N. CATOTO
94 viewsTAMBAN. Fishermen take out freshly caught sardines (“tamban” in the vernacular) from fishnets in Del Carmen town in Siargao Island on Wednesday (21 October 2020). The tamban sells for 70 pesos a kilo. MindaNews photo by ROEL N. CATOTO
97 viewsJohnny Adolfo relaxes in his boat after a day of fishing. He used to be a tourist boat operator in General Luna, Siargao Island but was forced to return to fishing after the place was closed to tourism due to the pandemic. Photo taken Oct. 9, 2020 by ROEL N. CATOTO/MindaNews
86 viewsAn elderly member of the Consuelo Agri Farm Association in Brgy. Consuelo, General Luna, Siargao Island picks shoots of alugbati at their communal farm on Thursday, October 8, 2020. The farm is one of the 35 communal gardens in Siargao Island under Hardin Ng Pagbabago, a community driven initiative. MindaNews photo by ROEL N. CATOTO
79 viewsSaddled with dwindling catch and low prices, fishermen in Brgy. Santa Fe in General Luna, Siargao Island prepare their gear for another day of fishing on Wednesday, 7 October 2020. MindaNews photo by ROEL N. CATOTO
75 viewsTwo men transport bamboos via the Davao River, away from the traffic jam on the city streets. Photo taken 11 September 2020 by GG BUENO/MindaNews
75 viewsThese are Kamuning leaves photographed with the bright sky in the background, again like a watercolor painting. MindaNews photo by BOBBY TIMONERA
73 viewsThis Jatropha I plucked out by the roadside years ago in a deserted portion of a new highway, upon order by you-know-who. I like the fine hair along the rim of the leaf, especially when backlit. So I shot this at noon. MindaNews photo by BOBBY TIMONERA
65 viewsThe monstera deliciosa, with its large leaves (more than 30 inches!) and unique pattern, is everyone’s favorite these days. Luckily, we have quite a lot of these growing wild in our yard. It’s my most photographed plant, but difficult to shoot because I couldn’t isolate them for a cleaner background. My wife would kill me if I’d uproot them. So there, a closeup of the giant leaf. I wanted it to look washed out like a watercolor painting. MindaNews photo by BOBBY TIMONERA
61 viewsThe interesting venation of the arrowhead plant is enhanced when backlit amidst a buttery smooth bokeh. MindaNews photo by BOBBY TIMONERA
62 viewsThe tips of the cyperus umbrella plant glow when lit by the late morning sun. MindaNews photo by BOBBY TIMONERA
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