Prevailing education system is number 1 teacher’s stressor

The Kahugpungan sa Magtutudlo ug Kawani sa Educakasyon sa Mindanao (KAMKEM) invited Ilagan, as guest speaker during the Midyear Performance and Review Evaluation last October 25 at the Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School (DRANHS) and Magallanes Elementary School (MES).

Ilagan factored the prevailing education situation as the cause of teacher’s stress.

“The government says the education sector is getting the biggest slice of the pie but why is the education sector left unsatisfied? The government statement is misleading since basic education is among the least prioritized sector of the government,” she said.

In Davao City, the teachers are still demanding for the P500 subsidized monthly allowance from the City Government which they enjoyed years ago.

After many controversial deals, Malacañang now ushers the Cyber Education Program (CEP). If approved, the contract will gravely affect public school teachers since they will be replaced by machines.

“Nothing can replace a teacher in a classroom, instead the CyberEd funds can be used to hire two million new teachers, improve facilities, and provide chairs and textbooks. What kind of future do we have when our students are a product of machines?” Ilagan further stressed. (Gabriela)