CDO COMCENTER responds to 280 emergency calls in October

Ric Pabayo, COMCENTER Manager disclosed in his monthly report to City Mayor Constantino G. Jaraula that COMCENTER has responded to calls for assistance on the following; 1 shooting incident; 102 traffic accident; 7 robbery/ theft/ snatching/vices; 2 stabbing/ hacking; 1 drug-related cases; 5 fire alarms; 1 physical injury; 4 carnapping; 1 kidnapping /missing; 1 domestic violence; 1 public utility trouble; 58 nuisance public disturbance/ intoxication; 34 bank /pawnshop alarms and 62 other assistance.

Of the total number of calls for assistance received by the COMCENTER last month,196 calls were made through telephone; 81 calls through handheld radio and 3 personal visits.

COMCENTER is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accept calls from the public who need assistance. It can be reached through all landline telephone through telephone numbers 166 and by radio through 14,500mhz. (City Information Office)