Families flee San Agustin homes

On November 16, at least 30 fully armed military men from the 58th IB, PA arrived and stationed themselves in Magkahunao, stayed at the houses of the residents and began interrogating children and residents on the presence of the NPAs in the area.  Fearing that the massive military operations in 2005 would happen again, residents began leaving their homes. 

During the 2005 military operations, Magkahunao, along with the neighboring communites were bombed for days.  Around 7 teen-agers from said community were kidnapped and forced to become guides by the military.  Said teen-agers were only released after their parents and relatives took their place.  Four residents were taken by the military and up to now cannot be found while several residents were interrogated and tortured. (Karapatan Surigao del Sur)

For Reference, contact:
Rev. Modesto Villasanta, UCCP Or Atty. Antonio Azarcon