Kadamay protests barangay ID system

“Paolo Duterte has completely discounted the consequences of his implementation if indeed his only concern is to give the people a better public service,” KADAMAY vice-chairman Leo Bolcan said.
“There is so much that we need to worry about the ID system’s implementation as this is prone to give easy access for unlawful inquiries of one’s personal identity.  Worst, this could be used as precedent for the approval of the National ID system,” Bolcan added.
 KADAMAY raised the ongoing debates on the constitutionality of the national ID system as a law to counter terrorism.  Arguments all boil down to the inadmissibility of the proposed national ID system vis-à-vis the protection of the people’s constitutional right to privacy and their protection from other human rights violations.
“In all aspects of the matter, the ID system either under the context of national or local interest is unworkable if the intention is to protect the people’s safety.  The fact that it evades one’s privacy, it already imperils one’s whole existence,” Bolcan warned.
KADAMAY also urged Paolo Duterte to revoke the implementation of the ID system in his barangay and for other barangay captains to heed the people’s side in their efforts to improve the barangay’s delivery of basic services.
“For one, the ID system is uncalled and unnecessary.  The people’s true concern is for them to be protected and provided with their basic needs for health, food, job, and decent shelter,” Bolcan ended.

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