Tangub City’s Health Office is intensifying its campaign against dengue fever

Regidor said the search and destroy operation is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of mosquitoes, adding that this resulted in the reduction of dengue cases in this city.

CHO records reveal that only four cases were reported for the month of January this year compared to 12 cases in 2007 with two casualties; five in 2006 with one dead; and 32 in 2005 with three casualties.
With this data, Dr. Regidor concluded that Tangubanons really supported their campaign in fighting against dengue fever.
The reduction of reported cases was brought about by the constant visitation of health personnel in the barangays.
“The record shows that constant barangay visitation is effective in our campaign against dengue and the people now are aware of the risk of this disease,” Regidor said.
He also encouraged barangay residents to avoid dumping things, which can store rainwater and to cover all water containers because these are the favorite breeding grounds of dengue mosquitoes.
He likewise reminded the bromeliad plant growers to stop maintaining this kind of plant because the center portion of this plant can hold rain water where mosquitoes can thrive.
As explained by the Department of Health, dengue fever is caused by the disease-carrying mosquitoes called “aedes aegypties." This type of mosquito lives in clear, stagnant water.
In a related development, a severe achy-joint fever spreading in Asia caused by mosquitoes is being given close monitoring by the experts from World Health Organization.
It has been observed by some health experts that a fever called “chikungunya” is ravaging parts of the world. This kind of fever is caused by bites of Asian tiger mosquitoes, and affects people in Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, and Europe.
This kind of mosquito also survives in cooler places, that is why people in United States, Europe and other western countries are now faced with the same dilemma like their counterparts in Asia. (Thata G. Roxas, Radyo ng Bayan-Tangub/PIA-Tangub City i-Net)