Caraga barangay is recipient of Japan-funded water system

Among the 17 barangays of the Municipality of Caraga, it is only Barangay Mercedes that does not have any potable water supply system. The residents of this barangay usually get their water from unsafe sources such as open wells, springs and rivers, remote from the sitio’s proper. Generally, it takes almost half a day just to collect water from these sources. Incidents of waterborne diseases occur, such as diarrhea, skin diseases, parasitism, amoebiasis, and gastro-intestinal problems, all attributed to these unsafe water sources.

With the grant, the Municipal Government of Caraga will construct a Level II water supply system. A barangay water and sanitation association (BAWASA) will take charge of the operations and management of this water supply system. As an end goal, barangay residents will now have access to potable water and minimize the incidences of water borne diseases. Moreover, with the lesser time spent for gathering water, they can now devote more time for economic and livelihood activities for them to augment the prevailing low family income.

The GGP was launched in the Philippines in 1989 for the purpose of reducing poverty and helping various communities engaged in grassroots activities. Since then, a total of 399 small-scale grassroots projects – ranging in cost from roughly PhP 1 to 4 million – have been funded by GGP for NGOs, local government units, and other non-profit organizations. (Press Office/Embassy of Japan)