Secretary Jesus Dureza’s statement

Palace Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza said the government, while committed to push the peace process forward, is not delayng but  doing due diligence in completing the government's final draft  of the ancestral domain agreement to ensure that it is implementable and defensible from attacks of unconstitutionality.

"While we understand the apparent impatience of some sectors, the government cannot treat these pending issues in a cavalier manner or with undue haste," Dureza said.

The GRP panel headed by Sec Rodolfo Garcia has been doing work on the govt draft without letup. If there is any sector most interested to resolve these problems, it is the government, Dureza added.

"Let no one, whether foreign or domestic elements, publicly posture  as if they are more interestd than us in a peaceful settlement with the rebels. We are doing our level best, of course with utmost due diligence."

Dureza said the Philippine government appreciates the help of the Malaysians in the Mindanao peace process and respects and accepts their latest decision.

"We hope that they will continue to support our peace  and development eforts."