Karapatan fears whitewash on Diarog killing

This as the group pointed out how this case could possibly get right into the way of state agents and prominent or influential families.

The group said the probe by state authorities should look into the motives why Datu Diarog  was executed while reports have come out that he and his family had already been harassed before the killing incident.
Datu Diarog, his family and tribesmen had been defending their land against a prominent and influential personality's interest on their land. According to police report this was accounted by the Diarog family as the cause of the dispute.
The family's account further said that private armies trained and backed by regular Armed Forces of the Philippines soldiers in the area terrorized and spread fear among the lumads, especially Diarog family in order to protect the interest of the elite personality and now use military force to get land.

"Our fear specifically rests on the greater possibility that the Diarog case probe done by state authorities would fall on the same fate as other cases on extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances where state culpability in the end is absolved." said Kelly Delgado, secretary general of Karapatan Southern Mindanao.
"This investigation should be done with sincerity to resolve the case, prosecute liable persons to give due justice to the family and not as a token," Delgado.
Delgado added that investigations conducted should be done with no delay and the final findings should be presented to the public because the fate of Diarog's family is public concern.
"We also see the importance of the media institutions, human rights organizations/institutions and advocates looking into this case in order to put pressure to the authorities and to pre-empt any attempt to whitewash the case," Delgado said.
"We are also exploring now to file the case of Diarog's family to the United Nations Mechanisms and other International Human Rights Institutions or bodies," Delgado said.  
KARAPATAN reiterated that the ongoing investigations should not serve as a token to the victims and the public. In depth investigations on the matter with just findings is well appreciated. (Karapatan-Southern Mindanao)
For Reference:
Kelly M. Delgado, Secretary- General