PASAKA denounces killing of tribal leader in Tugbok

“This is an alarming incident that needs urgent and in-depth investigation especially that, “men in uniform with TF arm-band under 73rd IB” are allegedly involved in the strafing attack that took away the life of Datu Doming who have been known to be fighting for ancestral land rights,” PASAKA Secretary General Kerlan Fanagel said.
According to local residents, military soldiers of Task Force Davao under 73rd Infantry Battalion are seen operating in the area and it has been widely known that they have close links with Quiboloy’s private army. According to the reports reaching PASAKA office, Military soldiers from 73rd IB are not only silent spectators but they are direct backers and protectors of the congregation of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.
“We challenge Col. Alexander Ambal that instead of pointing fingers and diverting the pressing issue at hand, he must check on his men and their involvement in this case and he must ready himself to face command responsibility on this matter,” Fanagel added.
Davao City police suspect a land dispute was the motive behind the predawn killings. Probers said the armed men with TF arm-band encircled and strafed the house of the Diarog family in Manuel Guianga village in Tugbok district.  The police also cited information that Diarog was involved in a bitter land dispute with an “influential” group who wanted to buy the lot. The Diarog farm is found in-between the Prayer Mountain and a forested area bought by Quiboloy.

According to Fanagel, “National Commission on Indigenous Peoples/ NCIP’s power in protecting the lumad rights to ancestral lands and self-determination amidst this hideous incident is found no where. With these recent human rights violations, land-grabbing and dastardly attack against lumads who stood up for their ancestral rights only proves that IPRA Law has shown no teeth and claws to genuinely defend the lumads which then must be immediately scrapped.  ”
PASAKA extends deepest condolences to the bereaved family, friends and colleagues of Datu Dominador Diarog, who is set to be buried today. Together with the Diarog family, PASAKA also calls for the immediate action on the part of Davao City Local Government Unit headed by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in this case and to help bring justice to Diarog family.*

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