Gabriela solon: No more women for US troops! Abrogate the VFA!

“Prostitution can be understood in the light of the effects of unemployment and the worsening economic conditions of the people and can only be addressed by government providing them decent jobs. Taking advantage of the increasing vulnerability of poor women by  American troops is an unforgivable issue,” Rep. Ilagan said.

The Gabriela solon noted that it is a well-known  practice of American soldiers and their Filipino counterparts to look for “rest and recreation” in localities after  military exercises.

A study made by Talikala Foundation, Inc., a Davao -based  institution assisting prostituted women, showed that  women are lured to areas where there are ongoing military activities, such as joint Balikatan exercises.

“Incidence of rape and other forms of sexual abuse increases but which unfortunately go unreported as the victims are forced to keep silent about this. Under the existing provisions of the Visiting Forces Agreement, very little can be done for these victims to attain justice.” Ilagan said.

“Such was the case of  Nicole, who had lived a normal life with her family in Zamboanga until    her complaint against  US Lance Corporal Daniel Smith. The celebrated case  exposed the loopholes and the unequal provisions of the Visiting Forces Agreement,” she added.

"It is imperative to abrogate the VFA and send the American soldiers out  of the country before more Filipino women will fall prey to  abuse and exploitation,” Ilagan.

Rep. Ilagan, together with representatives from progressive partylists, has co-authored  House Resolution 458, calling for the abrogation of the VFA. The  nine-year old agreement shows that its onerous provisions denigrate Philippine sovereignty and it paved the way for the permanent presence and basing of us troops in the country without a treaty through successive military exercises, thus violating article XVIII, Section 25 of 1987 constitution.

Ilagan also co-authored HR 1019, calling for the termination of the VFA SINCE it tramples on Philippine sovereignty is an unequal agreement considering the continued refusal of the US government to surrender custody of Cpl. Daniel Smith. (Gabriela)


News Release
April 3, 2009Lorie Ann Cascaro, Public Information Officer (0920-9523463)