Justice remains elusive for slain NPA daughter

In a statement, the EJP said “Forty days after her barbaric and senseless murder by suspected military intelligence agents, Rebelyn Pitao symbolizes the plight of thousands of victims of extra-judicial killings in the country."

EJP convenor Bishop Delfin Callao Jr said that through this activity, "we will show the Arroyo government that the people of Davao is clamoring for truth and justice, and condemning the force of evil behind the killing of Rebelyn and thousands of other victims."

The group said that as long as the government pursues a counter-insurgency policy that snuffs out the lives of civilians and fails to account for the killings, justice will remain elusive.

The EJP commends the efforts of the Commission on Human Rights headed by Atty. Leila de Lima for initiating a public inquiry on the killing of Rebelyn, but said "we urge it not to be swayed by the military’s tactics to cover up and protect its own ranks.” 

“We must stand up for truth and let the Arroyo government know that we hold life sacred, and that we condemn the killings and the attack on human life and dignity,” Callao added.

A candle lighting activity will conclude the liturgy to be held on the City Hall rooftop and Centennial Park.

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