Zubiri's statement on Lacaba's release


“However, we still have two other aid workers in captivity of the ASG and we need to use all types of diplomacy to see to it that they come out alive. I support Chairman Gordon’s call for a ceasefire on the ground to show good faith on the part of our government that we want to talk first rather than shoot on this issue.

We know the limitations to the negotiations and I support as well Sec. Teodoro’s stand not to give up Philippine government control of the island as requested by the kidnappers.

That would be tantamount to allowing the whole island to be hostaged by these extremists and even their moderate Muslim brothers and sisters would oppose this.

“But for now let us relish the miracle of the release of Lacaba with the hope that these miracles do come true,” Zubiri said. (Office of Sen. Zubiri)