KATRIBU motorcade features Davao's rich lumad and cultural heritage

DAVAO CITY (Katribu/18 Feb) — Katribu Partylist, an Indigenous People’s sectoral party, kicked off its pro-Davaoeno, pro-Lumad campaign mantra with a motorcade – float parade which passed through the city’s major thoroughfares leading to People’s Park today.
“This is Katribu’s post-Valentine event which promotes love for our culture and our heritage. This is also in view of the upcoming Araw ng Davao in which we want to highlight the significance of remembering and tracing our indigenous people’s roots which is a significant landmark of Davao’s colorful history,” Kerlan Fanagel, Katribu Regional Coordinator, said.
“Lumads played a key figure in the establishment of Davao City as a chartered city. Davaoeños have evolved appreciating the differences in culture and tradition of the numerous ethnic groups, with their integration to the local tribes who have been present during Davao’s foundation,” stressed Fanagel.
Fanagel added that “One of Katribu’s imperative principle is to uphold and nurture indigenous socio-political institutions, knowledge systems and culture as we give these high regard in terms of our identity as people, as lumads.”
The float parade- motorcade joined by lumads and advocates under Katribu will kick off at Magsaysay Park. After a short ritual, it will head towards Centennial Park wherein cultural songs and dances will be performed. The cultural float will parade around the city and will culminate at People’s Park.
“The motorcade route from Magsaysay Park to People’s Park is

a symbolic journey of lumads and advocates from the past to the present wherein People’s Park, being Davao’s new landmark, features a mini-forest and large sculptures representing indigenous groups in Southern Mindanao,” Fanagel explained.
Katribu motorcade will culminate with a cultural presentation at People’s Park baring that among of the party’s major programs are to continuously protect our environment, culture and heritage, our bequest to future generations and to promote and develop the Indigenous Peoples’ culture towards the enrichment of the national down to the local cultural heritage.
KATRIBU Partylist, duly accredited by the Commission on Elections (Comelec), is participating in the May 10 elections specifically in the partylist system. KATRIBU aims to bring representatives to Congress that will uphold and protect the rights and welfare of indigenous peoples. (Kerlan Fanagel/Katribu Partylist)