SOMIN Training Center Scores Five for 1st Sem

DAVAO CITY – Clustered activities here are the trend these days as the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) pushes a notch higher in its austerity measures by pooling proximate participants together in a strategic venue for trainings.

From January to June 2010, the Port District Office-Southern Mindanao Training Center (PDO-SoMin TC) hosted five Manpower Development (MANDEV) trainings for PPA regular workers.

“It is always a pleasure to be the host of corporate learning exercises and I personally applaud my staff for the successful job in ensuring that the trainees get the most of their time here in SoMin while they also enjoy Davao City as a venue,” Port District Manager Abdussabor Sawadjaan expressed during one of the closing ceremonies.

Holding these trainings particularly in the Mindanao Island, Sawadjaan added, is a much welcomed boost for its trade, transport and tourism industries which directly or indirectly benefits from the exercise.

Word-of-mouth promotion from satisfied visitors to a conference venue, he said, is the best way for repeat orders or requests for future rehosting and will certainly bring about improvements in the process.

For instance, the PDO-SoMin TC which has been constructed as a corporate office in 1998 with built-in living quarters of seven (7) rooms and 48 bed capacity adjacent to its Conference Hall in its 3rd Floor will have a greater opportunity for optimum use and regular upkeep activities.

Davao City, on one hand, will be able to achieve its desired national as well as global competitiveness in terms of enhanced infrastructure support for communications, dining, entertainment, and shopping, among others with the influx of guests for corporate events like conferences, seminars and workshops.

The PPATC which is based in Metro Manila has since employed the decentralization of the hosting of its major organic courses for MANDEV of PPA employees to save up on costs of travel, per diems/allowances, and other related expenses.

In 2004, it would be recalled that the central government issued Administrative Order No. 103 for the continued adoption of the national austerity measures of all public offices. PPA then has suspended the MANDEV-related allotments, particularly for in-house staff seminars/workshops, save for the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) for all lawyers.

By bringing in the trainors to Davao City instead of the whole delegation to Manila, trainings can be done more frequently and with more variety. This move best serves the purpose of enhancing job knowledge, operational competence and technical skills of PPA managers and rank-and-file employees after the long hiatus.
In the accomplishment list released by Arvin Dadulo, Acting Port Equipment Management Training Chief of PPATC and often designated as the Training Coordinator, the course titles undertaken in the SoMin TC includes: 1) Port Facility Security Officer’s (PFSO) Course – Batch 2 (April 15-16); 2) Forum on Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 and Its Implementing Rules and Regulations – Batch 2 (April 28); 3) Quality Customer Relations for Clerks – Batch 1 (May 17-19); 4) Quality Customer Relations for Drivers – Batch 1 (May 19-21) and; 5) Enhanced Technical Writing Course for Drivers – Batch 2 (June 7-9).

Said trainings have been pushed in accordance to the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) done by the PPATC which is being updated yearly despite the suspension of the budget for the past five years.

Participants to first semester 2010 highly rationalized trainings in the SoMin TC include those from the neighboring Northern Mindanao (NoMin) District, namely, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Nasipit, Ozamiz, Surigao. The SoMin host District, on one hand, comes from Cotabato, Dapitan, Davao, General Santos and Zamboanga. The latest training, however, also included Division Managers from the Visayas District.

Overall, the SoMin TC accommodated a total of 171 attendees to the five trainings and expects the same number, more or less, for the second semester batches.