Lakbay Binisaya in Davao: Films that breaks ice

Part of its efforts to ensure that independent film making will continue to move an audience that demands films that will speak for and in behalf of their experience, Binisaya Film Festival will once again make its presence felt in Davao City this coming September 8, 2012, 1:30pm to 7:30pm at the Cinematheque, “Binisaya Films sa Cinematheque”.

Among others, the Cebu-based Binisaya Film Festival will screen its collection of short films aptly titled “Byirnes Byirnes” (One City. One Day) which was featured in BBC’s Fast Track and at the Yerba Buena screening room in San Francisco, California last July, will feature the works of eight directors conniving to produce a full-length film, namely, Idden de los Reyes, Norber Elnar, Donna Gimeno, Maria Beltran, Remton Zuasola, Keith Deligero and Christian Linaban.


At 3:00 in the afternoon, “Way to the Sunset” a full-length film by Bagane Fiola of Davao City will be screened. The film whose theme is inspired by the remnants of Davao’s Japanese heritage found in the small number of Japanese descendants or Nikkei-Jins living in the city. and with the lives of ‘Japinos’ or children born of mixed Japanese-Filipino parentage. “Way to the Sunset” was first showcased as an exhibition film at the 5th Mindanao Film Festival last December 19-20, 2009. It was also screened in the annual CINEMA REHIYON, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, as one of the four official 2010 delegates from Davao.


“Binisaya Film Festival” or “Binisaya” was established in 2009 to document through the yearly Binisaya Film Festival the emergence of Cebu-based film makers, and in the process ensure a movement of Cebuano cinema that will not only envision quality and mass-oriented films but will also tell stories roughly ignored.


In the end, the most important ingredient for a local film industry to flourish is to ensure audience participation, moving them every inch closer to take-part in a movement created for and because of Cebuano film audience.


Lakbay Binisaya is a major component of the “Cinemarehiyon: Cinema in the Regions [Binisaya Film Festival]”. Touring campuses in Cebu and Davao cities to popularize locally produced films and create a venue for story tellers to tell their stories.