US presence, Balikatan increase our vulnerability to attacks, war – Ilagan

“The Philippine government is promoting war and aggression by offering our country as a military base and allowing US presence in the Philippines.”


Thus said Gabriela Women’s Party representative Luz Ilagan today as she cautioned defense and military officials to go slow in supporting the US government amid heightened tension in the Korean Peninsula.


“Makakaladkad tayo sa gyerang wala naman tayong kinalaman. Hosting US troops and allowing permanent, even temporary basing in the Philippines compromises our country and our people’s security. The ongoing Balikatan increases our vulnerability to war,” said Ilagan.


The Gabriela solon further said,  “The presence of US troops, warships and materiel in the Philippines as well as in Japan, South Korea and in the Pacific promotes unrest and negates whatever diplomatic efforts that may be initiated towards a more amicable resolution, towards the reunification of Korea.”


Ilagan called anew for the immediate termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement. “It is an agreement that has long been to our disadvantage and jeopardizes our national security.” (Gabriela Women’s Party)