Urban poor sector alarms over white wash on ‘pork’

Davao City – Urban Poor sector led by KADAMAY,  will hold a nationwide day of Protest today (August 30) following the surrender of Janet Napoles to demand transparency from the Aquino government on the ‘pork-barrel’ scam.

The group expressed alarm over the possible cover-up of the involved officials.

The group also reiterates its demand to abolish the PDAF including the Presidential pork barrel and re-channel the said budget to the basic social services like education, health and housing.

Benjie T. Badal, deputy secretary general of Kadamay-Southern Mindanao Region said that like the arrest of Napoles, PDAF is only a tip of an iceberg. Napoles is just one of the many agents of a deep-rooted corruption in the government.

He said, “This corrupt government failed to uplift our lives and even robbed us through corrupting our suppose public funds. We are burdened in paying taxes like Evat only to find out that our funds are being stolen by politicians. Who will not be outraged by this?”

He pointed out the worsening condition of most urban poor saying, “Every now and then, prices of basic commodities are increasing and yet this government allow it and make it worst by corruption.”

Badal also slammed the pro-demolition actions of P-Noy citing that by 2014, the government alloted 10.4 billion pesos for the demolition of communities.

He cited further that in National Capital Region, there are 100, 000 families being eyed to be demolished by the end of this year, due to PNoy’s PPP program, “Paglikha ng Pabahay na may Oportunidad sa Kabuhayan”.

“We demand a moratorium on demolition and the government should allocate adequate budget for genuine land reform and housing. One step to make this happen is to curb corruption and rechannel the PDAF to housing.” Badal said.

He said that the people should be more vigilant and should highten the call to abolish PDAF and end all corrupt practices in the government. ###

For Reference:
Benjie T. Badal
Deputy Secretary General
Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap
0930- 3200009