PRESS RELEASE: Plana FORMA goes to Davao for another popup

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Plana FORMA goes to Davao for another popup

Classes on January 23-24 will be led by Plana FORMA senior trainers Celine Encarnacion and Gino Ong in the Fairlane Clubhouse in Barangay Alfonso Angliongto Sr., Buhangin.

Plana FORMA draws inspiration from dance, pilates, yoga, sports and Physique 57 (a unique blend of barre-based exercises with intervals of cardio, strength training, stretching and recovery) to come up with one highly effective and dynamic workout that is highly addicting, fun, intense and challenging to the core.

Plana FORMA defines thighs, lifts seat, tones arms, and strengthens abdominals to create a lean and sculpted physique that is strong and efficiently mobile.

With Plana FORMA, you will notice increased lung capacity and metabolic rate, improved body awareness and posture, increased bone density (which is crucial to health maintenance), stronger core and back muscles (which reduces lower back pains), and better stress management.

Plana FORMA is for everyone, effective for cross training for any sport and enhances muscular balance for injury prevention.

What makes a Plana FORMA class memorable is the intense heat of muscles firing up to the point of exhaustion and the relief and pride of having embraced that heat–a sense of fulfillment knowing the limits have been hurdled. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it brings rapid results, you might even discover the dancer in you and it’s all in just 55 minutes!

For inquiries and reservations, please call Elvie Mora at +63-927-428-7147. Get updates in social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) @planaFORMA.

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