Kessia Carol Tar: Byaheng Do30’s newest darling

Her father wanted her to become a lawyer. But Kessia Carol Tar had a different plan.
The 20-year-old Kessia is a Certified Cost Accountant and Registered Bookkeeper. But instead of pursuing Law as her father wished, she ventured into business.
Kessia, a Bagobo-Klata, is the force behind the popular Kapeng Nitibo, a business she put up to promote a homegrown product and help uplift her tribe’s cultural heritage.
Kessia Carol Tar, a Bagobo-Klata who represented her tribe during the 2014 Hiyas sa Kadayawan contest in 2014, is now a co-host in a television show in Davao City. Photo courtesy of the Davao City Information Office

As the Bagobo-Klata tribe’s chosen ambassador, she has represented her tribe in the 2014 Hiyas sa Kadayawan competition, where she was second runner-up and named Hiyas sa Panaghiusa.

She could have ended her involvement there, but then the idea of coming up with a business that pays homage to her indigenous roots came up.
Kapeng Nitibo was put up with just a meager starting capital. But slowly, the business has already made a name.
After one of her promotional visits to City Hall, where she pitched her product at the meeting of the heads of departments, Kessia was invited by the Byaheng Do30 team to feature her coffee business.
Little did she know that during the interview, the Byaheng DO30 Team saw her potential as a host. She was later offered the opportunity to become Mikee Aportadera’s co-host.
Kessia said she’s very thankful for being part of the show, which only started airing in December.
“This is such a big opportunity,” she said. “I still can’t believe it. Only a few people are given the chance to work for Mayor Inday Sara, the local government, and the Dabawenyos.”
Byaheng Do30 aired over GMA Channel 5 Davao from 8 am to 9 am every Sunday.
The show presents the 10 priorities sectors and the 30 major projects and programs that Mayor Inday intends to accomplish within her three-year term.  (Davao City Information Office)