Bangsamoro Week of Peace: A Time for Solidarity and Resistance

COTABATO CITY (Bangsamoro Youth Affairs) — In recognition of the multi-sectoral character of the Bangsamoro’s collective struggle for self-determination, a diverse lineup of guests has been invited to this year’s opening ceremony for the Bangsamoro Week of Peace to be held at the facade of the Office of the Regional Governor (ORG) Building on Monday, March 13.

“Our annual week of peace in the region is a time for us to remember the sacrifices and victories we share as Bangsamoros,” ARMM Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman said.

The theme for this years Bangsamoro Week of Peace is “Bangsamoro: Revisiting the Past, Continuing the Cause.”

“In a way, (the Bangsamoro Week of Peace) is an act of resistance against constant attempts to erase our people’s struggle from our nation’s history. The Jabidah Massacre which we will commemorate on the 18th is just one of the many facts we share as Bangsamoros, and yet others insist that it is fiction,” Hataman shared.

Leaders from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Moro National Liberation Front were invited to share messages of peace, along with representatives from different groups such as the security sector, women, indigenous peoples, and the youth.

The opening ceremony is the first in a series of events across the region scheduled for the Bangsamoro Week of Peace. Different approaches in discussing the Bangsamoro struggle will be explored, including a photo exhibit, a stage play, and a range of conferences and panel discussions. (Bangsamoro Youth Affairs / ARMM)