ADD-ALL Learners visit Jinjiang and Xiamen for Mandarin & Chinese Culture course

The Ateneo de Davao University Academy of Lifelong Learning (ADD-ALL) is proud to have given 16 adult learners the opportunity to visit Jinjiang Province and Xiamen City in China, as part of its Mandarin Language and Chinese Culture Course. Accompanying the learners on their trip was Ms. Johanna Pauline Angelica R. Lamzon, the class instructor.

Having arrived at Jinjiang province, the learners visited the province’s own Rizal Park, an exact replica of the famous monument to Dr. Jose Rizal in Luneta, Manila. Afterward, they proceeded to Hua’an, in Hakka Village, to visit the World Heritage Hakka Earth – Eryi Building, one of China’s great treasures as well as one of the world’s largest-scale residential construction projects. The learners explored the walled living space and structure of the village, unique to the Hakka people of Southern China.

ADD-ALL learners pose for souvenir photo at Jiniang province’s own Rizal Park, an exact replica of the famous monument to Dr. Jose Rizal in Luneta, Manila. ADD-ALL photo

In Xiamen City, the learners also visited Gulangyu Islet, or the “Garden on the Sea;” Shuzhuang Garden, offering breathtaking views of the hills and sea; and Zhongshan Pedestrian Street, which is the busiest street in the city, boasting buildings built in different architectural styles that add to its character and liveliness.

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