Holy Cross hosts judo championships July 22

"This is our own way of thanking him for his generous support to the development of the sport in consonant to our commitment of promoting judo as a sport of discipline,' Holy Cross sports coordinator Abraham Verdeprado said.

Last month, Yamashita, a policeman based in Osaka City, Japan, donated 89 tatami mats and 204 judo uniforms.

The tournament is open to all beginners and advance judo players. Competition will be in the super and extra lightweight, lightweight, and half-heavyweight and heavyweight for the advance colored belts division while super and lightweight, lightweight and heavyweight for the beginner’s white belt class. It will also feature competition in girls and boys class.

International Judo Federation rules will be applied. In case of extension of matches, the "golden rule shall be applied" according to organizers.

Official weight-in is on July 20.

Medals and certificates will be given to top three winners in the tournament under the technical supervision of the Philippine Amateur Judo Association (PAJA) Davao City chapter. (Rico Biliran/MindaNews).