Jaca fight an uphill battle, but he can win if..

But considering the 23 year-old Cebuano was able to show proof he has
achieved key factors in his preparation for the fight, he might just pull an
upset win over the Mexican boxer whom Pacquiao floored three times, but
still managed to counter-punch his way to earn a draw.

Jaca (27-2-1) only needs to stick to the game plan, avoid being hit
consistently by Marquez's (45-3-1) power counter-punches, and be able to
stand his ground whenever the Mexican boxer starts gaining his momentum.

"Accomplishing these, his chances of winning would really increase way up
high", said US-based Fil-Am trainer James Gogue in giving his most honest
and sober assessment of tomorrow's fight at the Dodge arena here.

Largely, he said the game plan would be to play it smart and heap points.

This is Jaca's first crack at a world title, and his confidence level may
not be that high owing to his limited international fight experience.

But Gogue said if Jaca can stand his ground whenever the 33 year-old Mexican
is on a momentum and at the same time avoid being consistently hit by
opponent's much-vaunted power counter-punches, the fight can start tilting
towards the Pinoy's favor.

Robert Bubuli, Jaca's long-time Filipino trainer said the boxer is in top

Gogue said Jaca's weight is good and he was not struggling to make it,
adding he is also good in the hand pads and that his sparring sessions are

"The guy is really prepared for this fight."

Jaca himself admitted to having heard the buzz around the Hispanic-populated
Mc Allen and in the Rio Grande Valley that Marquez will make a mince-meat
out of him.

"Magbantay lang hinuon sila. Kay makabenta bisag gamay lang, mangatumba man
gyod ba
(They just have to be careful because even a small opportunity could
lead to a knockdown)," the low-profile Pinoy boxer said.

Both Jaca and Marquez are known to be smart fighters.

Most of Jaca's fights were won via a short distance. (Merpu Roa/MindaNews)