ABAP names new Davao City affiliate

ABAP president Manuel Lopez confirmed the recognition in a letter to DCLB-ABA president Councilor Amilbangsa Manding. |

“We are pleased to inform you that we are now recognizing your newly-formed organization and approving your application for affiliation with the ABAP”, Lopez said.

“We warmly welcome this development, “ DCLB-ABA coach Roger Sumampong said.
DCLB-ABA has more than 50 boxers who are all undergoing rigid training, according to Sumampong. The group is planning to put up boxing teams in all political districts in Davao City,he added.|

ABAP reminded the newly formed organization to strictly observe the guidelines and requirements of the sport in holding tournaments, including "that only ABAP- qualified referee/judge must officiate in all competitions" and "that you assume full responsibility for the conduct of bouts and its consequences" .