City gov’t seeks new site for Davao Sports Complex

“We are searching for a new place now to situate the sports complex, “ said Avisado after the awarding rites of the Run for P.E.A.C.E Region XI, a nationwide simultaneous running event at the Rizal Park, yesterday.

The move came after the plan to put up the sports complex inside the University of the Philippines-Mindanao campus in Barangay Oshiro, Mintal, some 15 kilometers southwest, was allegedly scrapped due to a land dispute between the school and some residents of the place.

But Avisado said “we are not closing our door but for now we are tasked to look for another place.”

In the agreement between the city government and UP, the state university is to make available, from its reservation, 20 hectares for sports complex project and provide professional input in the operation, according to the official website of Davao City.

The city in turn will provide the funding for the infrastructure and improvement of the access roads leading to the complex.

“We are almost there but there’s a problem,” Avisado told MindaNews.

It was reported that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is reluctant to build the sports complex on a disputed land.

Avisado, in a previous interview, said the sports complex is a top priority project of the City Government of Davao.

Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Chairman William Ramirez who hails from Davao City has vowed to help source out funds for the construction of the sports complex.

"We will try to make use of our RP-China bilateral relationship on the purchase of the equipment needed for the construction. We will ask that taxes be waived by the Bureau of Customs so we can maximize the use of money," Ramirez earlier said.

The sports complex project aims to create an environment-friendly complex such as indoor/outdoor sports facilities, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tartan track-oval and multi-purpose gym, sports academy and quarters for athletes undergoing training and sports officials.

The sports academy will have a classrooms, auditorium, library, sports laboratory and sports medicine clinic.