Anak Mindanao on the Anti-Terorrism Act

Last year, no less than the Secretary of Justice spoke that Filipino Muslim students or scholars coming from the Middle East countries will be subjected to scrutiny and surveillance; a clear act of discrimination against Muslims vis-à-vis our government’s policy against global terror. Personally, as a Muslim Leader, I have huge apprehension on said bill. One of the questionable provision deals with conspiracy to commit terrorism. A clear example of which would be, if a person, who I am not aware is a subject of the government on terrorism, would sought my assistance, I, myself, might be considered part of a conspiracy, and may be subjected to surveillance.

Further, several fundamental guarantees under the bill of rights of the present Philippine Constitution, especially on the presumption of innocence of alleged suspects of terrorism is shrugged off in the said act. Under said condition, every person, whether Muslim or not, must be vigilant and stand as vanguards of human rights and dignity to ensure that such law will not be subjected to abuse by scalawag law enforcers.

With that, WE can only hope and pray that our law enforcers will act just and humanely; that our legal processes shall stand to merit; and most of all, our justice system shall work on the basis of impartiality, equality, and justice for all irregardless of any religious, socio-cultural and political affiliation.

Hon. Mujiv S. Hataman
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