STATEMENT: A Call for Peace

Deeply alarmed about the worsening peace situation in Muslim Mindanao precipitated by the Basilan incident;

Believing that a return to an "all-out-war" strategy is counterproductive and any military response will just aggravate, rather than resolve the problem;

Profoundly convinced that peace is the only way out of this current predicament

Do hereby:

  1. Call upon all parties to exercise restraint and sobriety amidst the heightened fears and anxieties that an "all out war" strategy is imminent;
  1. Urge the suspension of all military operations in Basilan;
  1. Call for an impartial investigation of the Basilan encounter, including the murder of Imam Hakim Hakanul;
  1. Call upon media to be more responsible and avoid exacerbating the already tense situation;
  1. Urge government as well as all other parties to return to the negotiating table and exhaust all means to resolve the matter peacefully.

SIGNED by the 30  Muftis, ulama, and imam who attended the Second Regional Workshop of the "Empowering the Ulama" project held in Cotabato City. 

The project is the initiative of the PHILIPPINE COUNCIL FOR ISLAM AND DEMOCRACY (PCID) with funding from the British Embassy and the Royal Netherlands Embassy. The three-year project is intended to help the ulama organize their regional forums and   national summit.  These forums will  provide the ulama of the country the venue and opportunity to discuss important issues that affect the Bangsamoro.