STATEMENT: RGS nuns ask GMA to step down

Inspired and challenged by our mission to continue to be “Life-bearers with and for the Poor” and called to heed Micah 6:8 “to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with our God”, we believe that the common good and well being and security of the Filipino people should be a great concern of the national leadership. The fact is the majority of Filipinos are insecure and fearful in the face of grinding poverty they suffer from.

Who will deny that the national government has lost the moral ascendancy to govern this country? We don’t! Therefore, we strongly ask the Chief Executive Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo  to step down.


For Reference : Sr. Maureen Catabian, RGS – Chairperson of the W-JPIC Committee of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd (Philippines)

Telephone: 913 64 07    Email : [email protected]

Signatories: (Original Signed by Eighty Two (82) Good Shepherd Sisters

1.       Sr. Mary Angela Battung, RGS

13. Sr. Diane T. Cabasagan, RGS

2.       Sr. Mary Benigna Dunglao, RGS

14. Sr. Emelita Malasmas, RGS

3.       Sr. Minela Alvarez, RGS

15. Sr. Corazon Demetillo, RGS

4.       Sr. Maureen Catabian, RGS

16. Sr. Ma. Leticia Allado, RGS

5.       Sr. Marion Chipeco, RGS

17. Sr. Josefina Estella, CGS

6.       Sr. Elenita Belardo, RGS

18. Sr.Rosalie Enriquez, RGS

7.       Sr. Geraldine Ortuoste, CGS

19. Sr. Marie Goretti Bool, CGS

8.       Sr. Felicidad Almeria, CGS

20. Sr. Imelda Santos, CGS

9.       Sr. Irene Lat, RGS

21. Sr. M. G. Erline Bacol, RGS

10.   Sr. Mary Luz Bantilan, RGS

22. Sr. Arabella Balingao, RGS

11.   Sr. M. Antonietta Go, RGS

23. Sr. Imelda Fuentes, CGS

12.   Sr. Mary Grace Butalid, RGS

24. Sr. Marieta Velez, RGS

25. Sr. Diana Madulara, RGS

65. Sr. Anallyn Esguerra, RGS

26. Sr. Leah Ann Espina, RGS

66. Sr. Loreen Granada, RGS

27. Sr. Veronica Nobleza, RGS

67. Sr. Ronafel de Leon, CGS

28. Sr. Marilou Castro, RGS

68. Sr. Carmela Cruz, RGS

29. Sr. Emma Marzan, RGS

69. Sr.  Pilar Verzosa, RGS

30. Sr. Luzminda Obnimaga, RGS

70. Sr. Joh Panem, RGS

31. Sr. Gemma Dinglasan, RGS

71. Sr. Francia Blando, RGS

32. Sr. Lydia Ebora, RGS

72. Sr. Daisy Superable, RGS

33. Sr. Clare Leones, RGS

73. Sr. Arlene Guab, RGS

34. Sr. Maria Teresa Mahinay, RGS

74. Sr. Angelita Clemen, RGS

35. Sr. Florencia Tio, RGS

75. Sr. Teresita Figueroa, RGS

36. Sr. Yolanda Borbon, RGS

76. Sr. Regina Pil. RGS

37. Sr. Amelia David, RGS

77. Sr. M. Carmelita Cruz, RGS

38. Sr. Ma. Teresa Pomar, CGS

78. Sr. Marcia Mercado, RGS

39. Sr. Zita Alcazar, CGS

79. Sr. Assumpta Lim, RGS

40. Sr. Rose Tapia, RGS

80. Sr.  Rose Ababao, RGS

41. Sr. Ana De Guzman, RGS

81. Sr. Virgo Espineda, RGS

42. Sr. Pilar Quemada, RGS

82. Sr. Edna Fuentes, RGS

43. Sr. Milagros Santos, RGS

44. Sr. Ludila Panaligan, RGS

45. Sr. Clare Bagot, RGS

46. Sr. Mary Anne Yago, RGS

47. Sr. Zenona Clemen, RGS

48. Sr. Alicia Andres, RGS

49. Sr. Ma. Ailyn Binco, RGS

50. Sr. Julian Limquico, RGS

51. Sr. Luz Briones, RGS

52. Sr. Genoveva Dumay, RGS

53. Sr. Rosario Battung, RGS

54. Sr. Aurora Tan, RGS

55. Sr. Juliet Abrigo, RGS

56. Sr. Teresita Cordova, RGS

57. Sr. John Dumaug, RGS

58. Sr. Zenaida Pineda, RGS

59. Sr. Patricia Perez, RGS

60. Sr. Antonia Lopez, RGS

61. Sr. Myrna Tacardon, RGS

62. Sr. Angelina Sanchez, RGS

63. Sr. Cecilia Torres, RGS