STATEMENT: UCCP’s Pastoral Letter on Rev. Modesto Villasanta, Jr.

He is also part of the UCCP National Executive Council as a member of the Faith and Order Commission. Further, he is also active in the Christian Witness and Service Program, and his involvement in Human Rights Advocacy is an integral part of the UCCP’s commitment to serve Christ and his people.

The allegations that he, Rev. Modesto Villasanta Jr, is a “Pastor – Impostor” who instigated the Indigenous People’s (IP) communities in Diatagon to evacuate in order to help the insurgents, is a blatant and malicious slander to his personal integrity and to the church whom he represented.  Further, we consider this foul attack to the lifework of the church as an irresponsible and immoral act perpetrated to hide the gruesome realities which were exposed through our vigilant witness.

Thus, we as a church, condemn in the strongest  terms, the dirty and arrogant tactics of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to besmirch the dignity of the UCCP and its ministers. This Black Propaganda against the person of REV. MODESTO VILLASANTA JR.  is part of the perfidious design of the Oplan Bantay Laya II (OBL 2) of the state’s misguided counter-insurgency campaign.

In the same breadth the UCCP as a church has been also tagged by the Armed Forces of the Philippines as an “Enemy of the State “ in its sponsored and authored video presentation titled : “Knowing The Enemy.” To date, a considerable number of the UCCP’s Clergy and Lay Leaders have been murdered and killed in extra-judicial manner since Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has assumed office in 2001.

This is indeed a systematic persecution of the voice of truth and justice being perpetrated by a state and armed forces professing to uphold the very same ideals.

However, truth shall always prevail and our commitment to justice will never be dampened by black propaganda, lies, deceit and even death.

Thus, we call on all those who possess faith in God, who value truth, justice and peace, who advocate for respect of human rights, to be constantly vigilant and to work to ensure the life and safety of REV. MODESTO VILLASANTA JR., from any untoward incident that may cause his forced disappearance and murder which are trademarks of the handiwork of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
(Sgd) REV. JOVENAL M. BAGNOL        
Conference Minister
UCCP – Surigao District Conference
Kalipayan St., Surigao City