STATEMENT: National ID system – the state agents license to violate civil and political rights!

Despite Supreme Court ruling that the National ID system is unconstitutional that it violates the people’s right to privacy and freedom of movement Arroyo administration is insisted in implementing the ID system.
According to Kawagib Moro human rights organization, the National ID system would give the state agents license to violate our civil and political rights.
Kawagib said that ID system is not an assurance to stop terrorism in the country but instead it would bring more terror especially in Moro communities.
This means if you do not have an ID they could immediately arrest and tag you as “terrorist” or a member of the New People’s Army (NPA).
At the height of “anti-terror’ campaign of the Arroyo administration Moro communities in Metro Manila were placed under surveillance. The residents are required to present ID and to those who failed to do so were arrested and tagged as “terrorist”.
In 2006, during the period of the retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan in Central Luzon he implemented the cedula system where the military abused its authority and violated people’s rights. The military arrested and tortured residents without cedula and accused them as member of the NPA.
In Moro communities, even without the national ID system the Moro people have been suffering from illegal arrests and detention since “war on terror” campaign of the US government and administration started in 2001.
Moro people fear that the revival of the national ID system would exaggerate the attacks in Moro communities.
This will justify the arbitrary arrests and detentions against Moro men in the guise of combating terrorism.
Instead of answering the mounting cases of human rights violations address to the military and police the Arroyo administration is pushing the establishment of another anti-people policy.
This will only prove the insincerity of the government to the people and it also contradict to the statements of President Arroyo that she will bring peace in the country especially in Mindanao.
Kawagib Moro human rights vowed to oppose the National ID system and urge the government to address the mounting cases of human rights violations in the country not by pushing another anti-people policy.
Sittie Rajabia Sundang
KAWAGIB – Moro Human Rights Organization
c/o Kalinaw Center
#113 Francisco Ave., Juna Subdivision,
Matina, Davao City