STATEMENT: A call for Truth and a Clean, Corruption-free Society

In these days we have again become flooded with these exact same stories of corrupt transactions happening in high places. Information on the blatant manipulation and obstruction of the truth on the NBN-ZTE Project has implicated very important government officials, including the President of this Republic and her family. Because the project shall be prosecuted on a loan, the Filipino people shall assume the task of servicing the national debt, including the super-heavy kickbacks that would have gone on to line the pockets of those who have brokered the deal.

This is now leading us to a crisis point that is prompting us to even question the integrity of the highest official of the land. It is utterly immoral to impose this obligation upon our people without consideration for their poverty and struggle to live in dignity and peace.

As one witness after another unravels the disgusting elements of immorality, treason and flagrant racketeering, there is a call to bring the truth to light. There is a call for morale support to these witnesses to pluck up their courage amid threats of litigation, physical harm, and even death.

We add our collective voice to the many who call for an end to corruption, falsehood and dishonesty. We are not a society of cheats. With a sense of urgency, we exhort everyone to consider the consequences of the culture of corruption that plagues our society from top to bottom. These practices must end in UNITED, HONEST, AND SERIOUS WORK FOR TRUTH AND ADHERENCE TO THE RULE OF LAW.

Confident in our legal system, let us get to the bottom of these anomalies and prosecute those who are found liable – regardless of their high or powerful positions, including the President of the country– and replace corrupt leaders with those who are more transformational and moral. Let us rebuild our country on the building blocks of participative working democracy, reflective of the will of our people. A clean, peaceful and corruption-free society, where people are empowered as they live in security and dignity, is our best legacy to our children.