STATEMENT: Scrap VFA! Movement on VFA and the Abu Sayyaf

Years ago, the AFP claimed that it decimated these groups. How were these able to regroup, rearm, and recruit new members when every day, it is the soldiers of the AFP and the USAF that one sees in the streets and roads in Sulu? If the AFP had been doing its job as it claims it did and still does, why can it not intercept arms being delivered to terrorists?

The Arroyo government knows that it is not the presence of US troops under the VFA that will put an end to kidnappings in Mindanao and Sulu. But to drown calls for the scrapping of the VFA after the Subic rape case showed clearly some of the agreement’s very serious infirmities, it now seizes every opportunity to defend the VFA. Thus its grabbing of the “suggestion” of a senator who voted against the VFA in 1999.

Almost 10 years after its ratification, the VFA has shown its real character. It is an instrument of violence as it is an instrument of war. It is tool for the further opening up of Mindanao’s resources to US business and to protect US’ strategic economic and political interest in the region. It underlines the myth of Philippine sovereignty.

Perhaps, the Arroyo government would see these if Senator Pimentel tells it straight.

Scrap VFA! Movement
April 15, 2009
Contact Person: Anna Maria Nemenzo #09189038687