A Call for Sobriety and Persistence in Attaining a Just and Lasting Peace

The gains of the continuous and painstaking journey for peace in Mindanao undertaken by many groups including the Civil Society both Moro and Non Moro, Government, Religious and International actors is now threatened by despicable acts of senseless violence against innocent people who have not exploited anybody in this society.

The Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society (CBCS), a solidarity network of Bangsamoro NGOs and POs and other civil society organizations in Mindanao vehemently condemn in its highest form the recent bombing incident in Zamboanga City Airport on August 5, 2010 that left 3 dead and 24 others wounded. Such action constitutes a heinous crime that is not tolerable even condemnable under a democratic and civilized society.

As staunch peace advocates that are collectively committed to a more sustained advocacy for Peace, Human Rights, Good Governance and Development, the CBCS strongly renounce violence of any form to realize its advocacy goals. From its inception in 2002, the CBCS grew a network of more than a hundred member organizations all over Mindanao despite persistent challenges. The CBCS cultivated the philosophy of cooperation, collaboration and coordination among all stakeholders in facing the challenge of creating a peaceful and just society.

The CBCS operates in a highly professional manner in pursuit of its ideological, political and organizational undertakings. It has eight (8) regional formations all over Mindanao called the Regional Management Committee (RMC) composed of local member organizations that elects among themselves a set of officers. These RMCs are collectively managed by the Council of Leaders (CoL) composed of leaders of network members elected by their respected regions. While we urge the government particularly the Philippine National Police to conduct an impartial
investigation to identify the real perpetrator of such crime and let the rule of law govern to mete justice for the victims, we also caution the law enforcers to take into consideration the observance of human rights in carrying out their tasks.

Finally we ask all individuals and organizations both at the local and international level especially the peace advocates and human rights defenders to make tighter their ropes of perseverance in confronting the challenges of attaining a just and lasting peace in Mindanao.
Adopted and signed in Pagadian City this 7th day of August 2010.

[Secretary-General] 0918-3881760