A call to stop aerial and military operations in Maragusan

Karapatan Alliance for the Advancement of Human Rights, calls on the 10th Infantry Division to stop the aerial bombings, and military operations that the 2nd Scout Ranger Battalion launched in Maragusan, Compostela Valley.

This appeal comes in light of the recent spate of aerial bombardments and ground operations launched by the 10th Infantry Division reported recently, hitting civilian populated areas resulting to the forcible evacuation of peasant and lumad communities.

Reports from locals say intense military ground offensives are being launched and civilian communities have been heavily militarized since last month. Since the “hamletting” of their communities, indigenous (lumad) and farmer residents have refrained from farming while classes have been cancelled for fear of more bombings.

To date, residents have temporarily relocated to Brgy. Tandik and Brgy. Palok, Maragusan. Karapatan is alarmed about the outbreak of diseases, mortalities, hunger and other evacuation-related problems that would proliferate from the enforced displacement of the residents.

As an immediate response, Karapatan organized a Quick Reaction Team to hold initial investigation, and provide immediate medical relief to the evacuees since December 6, 2010 and send another 60-man delegation for the mission.

Karapatan calls on peace and human rights advocates, and cause-oriented groups to help raise food stuff, medicines, blankets, slippers and other goods for the evacuees.

Volunteers, especially those in the health, and legal profession are urged to volunteer for upcoming medical and peace mission.

Hanimay Suazo
Acting Deputy Secretary-General