NPA raid in Sinolon, a big slap on AFP’s

The most recent tactical offensive launched by the Red fighters under the Junito Banda Command of NPA Guerilla Front 73 against PNP troops in Brgy. Sinolon of T’boli town, South Cotabato is an additional proof of the inexorable resurgence of the revolutionary armed struggle in the province. This newest successful raid of NPA Red fighters against a fully armed squad of the T’boli PNP lambasted the propaganda offensives of the 27th IB and 1002nd Brigade of the Philippine Army that the province of South Cotabato is “free” from their so-called communist-insurgents. This also proves the futility of Noynoy Aquino regime’s Oplan Bayanihan.

The NPA Red fighters of South Cotabato has proven once more of its daringness and ingenuity of employing guerilla tactics amidst sustained combat, intelligence and civil-military operations of the Task-Force 73 of the 1002nd Brigade in the towns of T’boli, Lake Sebu, Banga, and Surala. The guerilla fighters surprisingly attacked PNP troops stationed at Brgy. Sinolon – a lowland barangay of T’boli bordering Surala town – while Task Force 73 is conducting massive combat operations in the hinterlands of South Cotabato, Sarangani and Sultan Kudarat provinces. The tactical offensive was successfully launched by the NPA in the said area based on its ever widening and deepening revolutionary mass base.

Under Noynoy Aquino’s deceitful, ruthless and anti-people military campaign, dubbed as Oplan Bayanihan, 1002nd Brigade of Philippine Army created Task Force 73 mid last year. This was after AFP troops under 27th IB suffered several casualties in the three consecutive encounters with Red fighters in the towns of T’boli and Surala in the months of June and July last year, and the torching of Materiani boom sprayer truck of Sumifru in May of the same year. Task Force 73 is composed of some troops from 27th IB, 73rd IB, PNP South Cotabato and CAFGUs.

AFP’s Task Force 73 is backed and financed by the big foreign and local agribusiness plantations and mining companies operating in the area. It is tasked mainly to protect the Dole Philippines, Sumifru and San Miguel Energy Corporation (SMEC), terrorize the local populace and prevent the continuing resurgence of the revolutionary mass movement in the area under the pretense of their so-called peace and development outreach program.

Dole Philippines and Sumifru monopolize vast lands in the municipalities of Banga, Surala, T’boli, Tupi, Tampakan, Tantangan and Polomolok as pineapple and banana plantations. Moreover, Danding Cojuangco’s SMEC is pushing away the T’boli natives and the peasant settlers out of their land in Brgy Ned, Lake Sebu for the operations of its coal mining. These three corporations are notorious of grabbing the lands of the peasant masses in the province, and in some other places, using both deception and coercion thru the reactionary state apparatuses including the AFP and PNP.

The NPA’s tactical offensive against a squad of PNP in Brgy Sinolon was carried out as punitive action for the relentless subservience of the latter, as a mercenary armed force, to the vicious and greedy foreign and local big businesses. The said military action of NPA also serves as caution to some local bureaucrat-capitalists, especially Congresswoman Daisy Avance Fuentes, for their active and direct participation in the implementation of the devious and anti-people counter-insurgency program Oplan Bayanihan. Miss Avance – Fuentes, a rabid counterrevolutionary, facilitated the rapid expansion of Dole Philippines and Sumifru in the towns of Banga, Surala, T’boli and Lake Sebu 12 years ago. At the expense of the local populace especially the peasant masses, the then governor in collaboration with the 27th IB and 1002nd Brigade, unleashed the vicious Oplan Purple Heart, a local version of the Oplan Bantay Laya under the US-GMA regime just to ensure the multinational agribusiness corporations to take root in the said municipalities. Now, running again for governor, Miss Avance – Fuentes is singing again the same song of deception, as if she’s pro-poor and pro-masses in her public appearance and pronouncements, but in real sense a militarist, conspiratorial, monstrous and greedy.

However, the NPA in South Cotabato vows to continue carrying its tasks of defending the peasant masses and other poor people of the province against the continuing intrusion and landgrabbing of big local ang multinational agri-corporations and mining companies and as well as against the onslaught of Oplan Bayanihan. By intensifying its tactical offensives against AFP, PNP, paramilitary troops, foreign and big local agribusiness plantations and mining companies and their private armed goons, the NPA in South Cotabato is rendering justice to the dispossessed peasants and other aggrieved people of the province. Thus, paving the way for the attainment of the peoples demand for genuine national freedom and democracy.