10th Infantry Division not welcome!

During the 7th day wake of my son, Rendell Ryan “Perper” Cagula, the military officials from the 10th Infantry Division along with media men from GMA Davao, arrived at 12 o’clock noon entering our house without any consent.

We are still in deep grief for the death of our child when they have arrived. A military official from the 10th ID, introduced himself as Bangato and asked questions about our family background.

Where have they left their ‘conscience’ or if they do not have it, at least delicadeza? They killed our son, we do not need their sympathy!

Upon entering, video footage was already rolling capturing faces of us and our relatives. They also took shots of Perper’s body inside the casket without asking any permission from us. Six men entered the house and some riding-in-tandem from Task Force Davao are scattered throughout the village.

We, Perper’s family condemn the act of the 10th ID. They are the ones who showered bullets in our son’s body, distorting his face, disrespecting his body and his death by posting pictures of his face and body shots in the social media particularly in Facebook. If they sincerely condole with us, they should have respected the death of our son. It seems that they are not contented in killing our son.

We are honestly threatened, harassed and felt disrespected to what they have done. Their presence raised fear to our family members and to our neighborhood. If they are true to what they have said—that they respect our son and our family—we are asking the 10th ID to pull-out their forces in our neighborhood, stop their surveillance, and to leave us alone!

Cagula Family