STATEMENT: Be part of the movement for social change: Continue Bonifacio’s legacy!

November 30, 2015

Kabataan Partylist
Northern Mindanao Region 


“Is there any love that is nobler, purer and more sublime, than the love of our native land? What other love? There is none. Nothing.” – Andres Bonifacio, March 1896

November 30, 2015 – As we commemorate the 152nd birth anniversary of Katipunan founder Andres Bonifacio, the youth should live up to his legacy of patriotism and service to the Filipino masses as what he had demonstrated during the 1896 revolution.

Of all the events of the Philippine history, there is none more inspiring than the birth of the Katipunan and the cry of Bonifacio to his countrymen to rise up in arms. Since then, many more have offered life, fortune, and honor in expense of independence. But it was not only a revolution against the Spaniards. It was a revolution against inequality, heightening poverty, social injustice, and human rights violations.

Bonifacio proved us the vital role of the youth in taking part for a change we want to achieve. At a young age, he led the Filipino masses in their struggle and firmly grasps the desire for freedom.

For living up the real value of nationalism and patriotism, we should not reduce it to singing the Lupang Hinirang or wearing shirts with stars and suns or reciting the pledge of allegiance. The youth should remember what Bonifacio taught us – that nationalism involves actively involving in our country’s issues, learning our history, and taking part in that collective action against all elements that trample our sovereignty, is key to being patriotic.

In a country still suffering with the same old problems – inaccessibility to education, landlessness, unemployment, injustice, killings, corruption, and the like, there is no better option but to continue what Bonifacio started.

More than sharing online posts or posting tarpaulins and offering flowers, the youth of today can honor Bonifacio by advancing the struggle that he has waged – a struggle for a just and humane society.

We have to prove to our countrymen that we are the action of today who are aspiring to continue the unfinished revolution. Let us unite and intensify the youth movement, together with the wide masses, to achieve social change!

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Coordinator, KP-NMR